Tuesday, May 16, 2006

all wrapped up

as i was starving after sitting through 3 hours of lecture, i decided head straight for the student union to get myself fed. as i was joining the lunch rush, i decided to check out something other than the exceptionally long line at papa john's. so i went upstairs, where UA's version of commons resides and got a bad feeling about it at once. which i quickly dismissed and pressed on, determined to get a thai chicken wrap. i should have just moved on when i grabbed the wrong wrap (the people making the wraps were very quiet and "nick" actually did sound like "liz"), but i stayed through it. things went further awry when they told me they were out of thai chicken. then i noticed the woman making my wrap was completely inept, as she had put the wrong cheese on it and dumped half a bucket of teriyaki all over it. yet still, i took what was offered to me and went on my way, only to discover that, as i had planned on returning to my dorm room before lunch, that i had left my debit card behind. i left the wrap to wallow in social awkwardness alongside the cashier i told i would soon return with debit card in hand. i did. and i went straight to papa john's, now determined to never return to the ill-fated college food service area. a goal easily accomplished as getting there requires going up a flight of stairs that lead to nothing good.
by the way, here's my vote for parliament in cyprus:


Blogger Jonny said...

I want your abandoned wrap. Mmmm, terriaki.

10:39 AM  
Blogger Jesse said...

writing things off makes me glad to be alive.

12:36 AM  

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