Saturday, November 18, 2006

save me

Dear God,

Every time I get close to you, I get pulled away even further from you.

I get pulled down. The devil is here lord, creeping inside me, he's persuading me lord, he's telling me things, he's making my body feel great lord, the body you created for me lord, your holy temple you made for me lord.

Help me lord, save me lord. Bring me back to you god, make me safe again, make me feel again lord, make me love again.

And Lord, please forgive me, for letting this devil in and letting him give me these impure thoughts and impure feelings. Im SO SORRY LORD. I love you lord.

Please save me!!!

thank you lord! now I feel better, the pain is gone lord! I love you lord!! I kneel down to you God! I cry for you god! I love you God! I thank You GOD!


Blogger Jesse said...

i didn't write that, but i thought it was appropriate. i think i want to go to church tomorrow.

8:29 PM  

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