Thursday, August 30, 2007

fake it if i have to

bumbershoot is this weekend and i'm going soon to buy tickets for sat. the shins, panic! at the disco, blah, blah blah. honestly, i want to spend the weekend in bed.

what's wrong with me? is it my anemia? overtraining for the marathon? the new medication the doctors put me on?

more likely it's just simple laziness.

but i'll laugh and embrace all my friends.

tv has really been getting a lot of my attention lately. i think i may have dismissed it too soon. of course, it's full of rank-and-file cocksuckers trying to make us want to be like them, but it can also be AMAZING. like when supernanny saved a couple from divorce AND got the kids behaving themselves. or when jael (on a re-run of last season's america's next top model) pissed off 50 cent so much he pushed her into a pool at an up-scale party. so yeah, you have to have half a brain and realize tv is hypnotizing you to buy shit, but then it can be very worthwhile, i find.

in other news, i bought lots of shit today that tv convinced me was cool to help me forget i can't afford things.



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