Tuesday, May 13, 2008

R & R

not enough school, yeah, i can relate to that. the weekend before last i spent camping with the class i ta then drove straight on to p-town for a conference. i don't even know what happened there. i gave a talk, won a lame conference fun-run, and barely managed to leave the premises of the conference hotel. and why would i? we had kegs and kegs of free beer every night (everyone got shit-faced for real) and when that ran out, a dedicated group stumbled over to the hotel bar to drink margaritas and rum and cokes. there were enough drunk guys there that i never had to buy my own drinks, which is my idea of heaven.

shit, i stayed up drinking until 2:30 before my talk (early the next morning), stumbled through data i barely analyzed and the talk in general. in the q & a, a guy asked if maybe a logistic regression would have been better for some of my data than linear. he was totally right.

spent this last weekend recuperating but could recuperate all fucking week long if school would let me.


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