Wednesday, December 03, 2008


all i want to do is sleep. the last four days i've been forced to get up early and now every time i try to do real work like write or read a paper, i doze off. which is embarrassing to do in front of your office mate. fortunately, mine is completely absorbed in a manuscript she's writing, so i've been able to sleep by unnoticed. but i can't count on it.

the reason for this morning's early wake-up was an interview with the people in berlin. yeah, i don't actually have an official job offer yet, but i'm still planning on moving there. and i feel "yet" is the operative word. the interview went well enough that i was all hopped up on endorphins and was able to stay awake. now the time is dragging. i'm meeting bill for a beer at a bar up the street at 5:30. then i'll be hopped up on hops.

if i can stay awake that long.

i'm going to see if bill can meet earlier.

by the way, my very most favorite christmas movie is on tonight (after "the christmas story" that is). it's that terrible old claymation rudolph one, with burl ives as the snowman narrator. yeah, that movie kicks ass. that's something to stay awake for.


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