Monday, March 08, 2010


so. i broke down (or maybe exploded) and got my DRIVER'S LICENSE. had a burst of DOUCHE-HITTING last week and spent some quality time at the DMV downtown and in gladstone, and now I CAN DRIVE. also, i obtained ANOTHER GODDAMN TRUCK. since giving the big red bastard to erik, i feel it's alright. and i got INSURANCE and whatnot so i can drive FUCKING LEGALLY. this is a huge motherfucking deal, as the past NEARLY EIGHT years have seen quite a bit of furtive, panicky driving. now i can cruise around COMPLETELY IMMUNE to the dangers of the sketchy class. it's fucking weird. and kind of cool. i have a TRUCK. i can GET SHIT. (it's a little truck. probably half the size of the red bastard.) but it has a cd player, which means it's perfect. i can drive around and listen to cursive and dashboard confessional and ani difranco and pretend it's 2002. HA.

so maybe i should drive somewhere far away. ahem. miami? maine? lord knows. put the bike in the back and go to bloomington?

so, yeah. also i've been getting up at 5:30am. that's kind of genius, in a retarded old-person way. maybe this weekend i'll get up at dawn and put the overalls on and drive the truck somewhere. listen to the fuckin' eagles and turn my hair gray.

i keep drinking coffee even though it makes me feel like shit.

i didn't think i'd pass the vision test at the dmv.

the new xiu xiu album is great.

dan bern is coming to town. i sort of want a stone temple pilots t-shirt, maybe with no sleeves.

the sky is blue blue blue like hell. the years have been good to me.

i love you all.

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Blogger Jonny said...

i swear to christ i came here bent on posting, fuck the month of inactivity on this corner of the internet, and looky looky, I'm beat to the punch, fancy new abilities eh? well then. i have nothing to report, i'm jelous of everyone because i'm writing and they are doing douche, er, hitting, shitting. whatever, getting trucks, doing big rides and walks and climbs and falls. no spring. sweet nads its feeling sprung, gonna rain, wash my salty roads

ramble ramble, rable rable, go come, bye

11:29 AM  

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