Monday, May 01, 2006

to be recycled.

there is no time for such things. the necks of my shirts no longer bother me. when i was young and silent, i felt strangled. now my mouth lies open while i watch the ground, oblivious to what's leaking out. it used to amaze me when i saw the lives of others; now i don't even slow down. striding purposefully toward that Vague Something, catching glimpses of volkswagens and suburbs, strands of long hair and the rings of telephones. i've got to remember past failures, i've got to learn from my mistakes, i've got to eat. i've got to stop forgetting my place, stop listening in on the neighbors, stop flying asleep. the constant adjusting keeps me awake, keeps me alert, keeps me honest and tired. i am as true as a ghost, real enough to see, faint enough to forget. a hodge-podge of rules and scraps of paper, soda cans and turned-down offers. this is all a careful construction, planned clumsiness, fractured spontaneity. after all the containers have been filled, there always remain the ears of friends. 7shit98.


Blogger Jonny said...

A product of too many mountain dew cocktails? Don't fret, Rhett. I dew 2 4 sure. What? Ya.

2:20 PM  

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