Thursday, December 21, 2006

i don't have to drive, i don't have to talk

i don't know what moth balls smell like. they don't teach you that sort of thing in school. the woman who waited on me at the post office today had amazing hair. it looked fake. as did her face. it was hard to remain composed. it's humid outside. muggy, as they say. mi hermana arrives tomorrow, and then there's just a long weekend between me and portland.

i found a tape i made for my parents two years ago. it has tilly and the wall, dresden dolls, smoosh, modest mouse, arcade fire, and now it's overhead. possum.

there's a little trailer for rent on the outskirts of town. it has a big porthole in the side of it. it looks like it would be in a Rural South coffee table book. who wants to relocate? we could walk to the hardee's for biscuits. AND it's fairly close to a federal women's prison! what more could you ask for? that it be close to a STATE penitentiary as well? you're in luck!

i know what you want.


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