Sunday, September 09, 2007

the way i forget to eat

what's with yous? school got your tongues?

approaching a month out of pocket, feeling weak and dirty. starting to imagine living on some sort of coast, seaside, ireland. way tired of the sun. las vegas only technically, more like this apartment. i don't remember what shoes are like.

been plowing through the books, having genius brainstorms re: writing, but i can't think in this climate. MAKE YOURSELF.

upbeat and sometimes lively, barely resentful and often silent, i am less broken than i pretend. i just want a goddam reaction, right? that's all.

why has the music stopped? START OVER.

i expect ALL of you to meet me at the airport 2am tomorrow night. ryland. why am i always the one to fuck up around here? time dies whenever you want it to, like a goldfish. flex yr muscle.


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