Wednesday, December 17, 2008

colbert and south park

i turned in a full draft of my thesis yesterday. it was a shitty draft, but still, a whole draft. i can almost imagine being done now. of course, i'll most likely start my ph.d. work before i even defend my masters, so it's not like i'm done done.

but that's pretty much how i'm acting now. i know i could do things to improve my thesis all on my own--but why not just wait a day or two and let my adviser tell me exactly what he wants me to fix? no point in fixing extra shit. besides, that would be like admitting i wasn't already done. so i spent the day laying on the couch and catching up on my american tv with my computer. i also went to the grocery store, which is only two blocks away, but is still in german, so it's basically like work. i guess i could've watched some german tv to work on my language skills, but that would have also seemed like work. plus, the only tv is right in front of the bed, so if i had gone there, a nap definitely would have happened. and while naps are awesome, i'm honestly not even committed enough to laziness to feel good about that.

probably my favorite thing about this country is that unless you walk right the fuck into someone, you do not have to say anything. and even then, if you just kind of half-mutter "entschuldigung" (sorry/excuse me), you're pretty much good. germany is like living in an entire nation of reedies: everyone just tries to avoid eye contact and keeps to themselves. it makes it very easy for a foreigner to blend in. it also makes you wonder why the hell the turks and eastern european immigrants are so damn loud. if they just picked up on this one cultural thing, no one would even notice them...ummhmm. nevermind.


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maybe you need the worlds largest crossword??

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