Monday, April 27, 2009

ignore the will go away

so we have this new temporary apartment with this weirdo landlord. he lives in the area (maybe even the same building?) with his girlfriend and still has his mail delivered to our apartment (he only rents it part-time and sometimes lives here) and has a landline set up. we don't give a shit about the landline. we both have cell phones and skype and say fuck landlines.

so today i get home from work and in our mailbox is a note from our landlord wanting to get his mail from the past week. (dude, just get a motherfucking PO box already, they have them here in germany too.) i bring the note upstairs with the intention of giving it to patrick so he can deal with it. but then the phone started ringing. now, motherfucker has our cell numbers AND e-mail addresses, so i figure he can just contact us that way. i sure as fuck don't want to have to talk to some friend of his looking for him. but it's not a friend of his. i know it's him, but i don't want to talk to him either. he can barely speak any english and he can't hardly speak german either, or at least it's no german i recognize (he's mexican--apparently no actual germans live in berlin). so i refuse to answer the phone. but i hate how it sounds. i'm thinking of holing up in the bathroom for a while.


Blogger Jonny said...

i should have a draft in by now. nope, don't have a draft in. How about now? nope...

8:17 AM  
Blogger Jonny said...

… Because being alone

Has penetrated the bone,

I have misplaced the meaning

of pleasure; displaced

the measure of its loss.

Because being lost

has become my treasure,

daily I grow more flagrant

in my courtship of vagrant nowhere …

8:41 AM  

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