Tuesday, March 23, 2010

against some sort of code

found the city record of the noise complaint about EFK at the center. some highlights below. (COM is complainant, which is an encrypted file that i can't read. presumably Loud Lady.)

"Loud band in garage at back of lot. Guitar, drums, piano. Times vary, usually late afternoon."

"5/12/04-COM called & said band is playing & wanted inspector to go to location. Told COM inspector not available until June. Complaint logs mailed to COM. Told COM may try calling police non-emergency."

"5/25/04-COM called & said band was playing. COM has logs & has handed logs to neighbors. Told COM to fill out logs & send in when a sheet is complete. Told COM to have neighors call us to register as COMs prior to sending in their logs. Told COM no inspector available until mid-June. Told COM if police respond, get name of officer & let us know so we can request Special Report."

"1/13/05 JC called COM for annual case closing. COM said that the band doesn't play anymore. case closed."

also, i checked the addresses surrounding the center, and there are quite a few other nuisance complaints. (including "POSSIBLE RAT HARBORAGE" for denise and andrew!!) my guess is she had the city on speed dial and complained about every little thing. which is AWESOME. i especially like the part about her giving logs to the neighbors to keep regarding EFK. can you imagine her giving dennis and anne a complaint log for us? HA. good times.


Blogger Ryland said...

dennis and anne's complaint log: "just don't shoot my dog!"

1:09 PM  
Blogger Jonny said...

why can't i remember who loud lady is? i just remember the one next to my first house, she was reeaaallly crazy though.

11:54 AM  
Blogger Jonny said...

internet fuckoffery complete, time to get to work

11:54 AM  

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