Friday, May 26, 2006

those soaked cuffs

i'm going to be quite composed for a while. not quite austere, but definitely less unraveled. instead of wishing away certain inconveniences, i'm going to address them. i'm also going to stop talking about myself.

genius phrase of the day: kill and release.

when the future is here, we will all be calm. whatever that means. in the airports they tell you where the bathrooms are and let you be; this is how i envision our future. nice clean tiles, well-marked bathrooms, hands-free management. generic bliss.


i don't mind, really. it's not like i was THAT serious, anyway. i was probably kidding myself, right? i mean, what was i thinking? it's as if i forgot that i don't exist, like i suddenly thought i was sitting right next to her. forgive me. at least i'm getting better at feigning sleep, pretending to read, keeping my eyes straight ahead. i'm better off on the floor, anyway. christ.


here's what i know: the dresden dolls are like gods, and i need some new pants. or at least fewer pants. if that makes sense. goshDANGit this wasn't seeming so scattered earlier. too much milk, i guess. i am mostly comfortable, though. except i can feel myself falling back into my easy pants, and i need to keep reminding myself that there are other options. OTHER OPTIONS. that is the key, kids. if i didn't fall in love with girls in airports, it would be in grocery stores. OTHER OPTIONS. and now i've made a point. goodnight.


Blogger Jonny said...

At the start (of reading this), I was quite worried. Sounded like you were giving up. But I stopped being worried about half way through.

11:39 PM  

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