Sunday, June 18, 2006

the right timing

right now i'm in las vegas, listening to hotel california. i just realised that i forgot to bring the notebook in which i write my daily happenings, so listen up.

i spent the morning pretending i didn't know what time it was, lying in bed and listening to the radio. i finally got up around 1pm and finished off the few remaining cookies from last night's foster market excursion. i then proceeded to sit around for a few hours, doing laundry and reading the paper. i finally started packing, which was quite simple as i am fully immersed in a ONE PAIR era, as far as pants are concerned. michael gave me a ride to the airport, and i got to my gate an hour before departure. i had no carry-on bag, just 'catch-22' in paperback. i used a payphone to call my sister. there was a lady, dyed-blonde and fake-tanned, playing guitar and singing. a sign said her name was rebecca helmer. she sounded a lot like jewel. on the plane, i sat to the left of a man in a suit with a baby girl in his lap and to the right of a woman reading oprah's magazine. the man and baby fell asleep, and i pretended to sleep while really my mind was coming up with countless random scenarios.

once in las vegas, i felt the usual nausea from seeing so many clownshoes gathered together. found my sister and her boyfriend, and we headed over to a casino to see norm mcdonald do a stand-up routine. it was funny. we then came to the apartment and ordered food (chicken fingers). ate the food, saw some 'cosby show' reruns on tv, played with the dog. now it's bedtime. everything is really quite normal.

i feel quiet.


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