Thursday, June 08, 2006

Workin stiff

I hear of a bumper sticker that said "save a tree, kill a teacher"

I swear I don't think there is anything more beaurocratic than teaching and the system that goes along with it. At the same time I think that teachers are boring, I find out they can be the heaviest drinkers and most ridiculous people....well, high school teachers anyways.

And what is up with pretending that we are doing work? I get most of my emailing and blogging done while I am in class! sweet. I pretend I am taking notes on my computer while I am checking email or reading interesting articles online about how professors in college are banning computers in the classroom because noone is paying attention anymore.

Jonathan got a new video game called warcraft. I wonder if there is a chose your adventure book based on the video games war craft and star craft. I think it might sell good.

I am learning a lot, but feel a bit resentful at times at having to prove it all.

time to pretend to pay attention again.


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