Monday, June 12, 2006

Moulton, AL: A Good Place To Live.

what's been keeping me up these nights is looking for people from my high school on myspace. i swear, these past couple nights have seen more nostalgia from me than the past few years combined. i'm quite tempted to start an account with myspace so i can contact these people, but really, what would i say? 'hi, remember me? well, i remember you. what? no, i'm, ah, in between things right now. yeah.'

in other news, i'm really thirsty right now and i have absolutely NO PLANS for my future. quite liberating, really. i mean, i'm gonna visit my sister in a few days, but beyond that it's really pretty wide open. and i'm not lost at all, just kinda disinterested. no need to do anything REAL. maybe learn how to play poker, and then play online for money. or become a strip club dj. or fuck it all and move to some trashy city in asia. they all have craigslist.

what is this website for? we need to DO something. right? like write a book. or a religious pamphlet. or RECORD SOME MUSIC. we can each record something and then put it all together. OR, we could start a cassette tape circulating around, with each person adding 20 minutes of anything they want. OR, more pictures. i, for one, have NO CLUE as to how to put a picture up on this website. help me help you.

it is approaching 4am. i guess it's always approaching 4am, technically.

i bought some apples tonight at F-4-L. apples are the fuckchrist, as tommy would say. as are BEDS.

oh god, what have i done?


Blogger Ryland said...

"what would i say?" just send 'em a link to this blog.

i want to be able to wake up and say "what the fuck time zone is this, anyway?"

and mean it.

let's both start myspace pages. i'll be jesse, you be ry-ry.

1:03 AM  
Blogger Jesse said...

okay, seriously. i'm gonna make a myspace page RIGHT NOW.

2:32 AM  
Blogger Jonny said...

HA! Good to see things are still happening out there. And know what? I'll be out in less than two weeks.

9:22 AM  

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