Wednesday, July 12, 2006


today was so productive (i had an overwhelming urge to write "productful"--and why is that so wrong?) i can hardly believe myself. got to the office bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the crack of 11 am, unbelievably early, as far as my 4 am bedtime is concerned. and then i did stuff. all day long. i didn't just fuck around, i actually read shit and looked shit up and got this whole complicated system going with computers and microscopes and monitors and shit so THERE! TAKE THAT!

and i acutally saw my advisor. for maybe 45 minutes. i didn't just talk to him on the phone, i sat across the desk from him and actually saw his lips moving. it was amazing. inspiring even. to know there's someone who knows shit. who's vaguely looking after me. who has told me to find a committee, put together a 2 page prospectus and plan out the classes i'm going to take the two years i'm here.

it's like i'm at reed again.

the funny thing is, that makes me feel better.


Blogger Jesse said...

i went went went this evening, biking all over town after midnight. i was crazy productful; i got TWO packs of gum at 7-eleven!! and i don't even CHEW gum!!

1:39 AM  

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