Thursday, June 29, 2006


So I broke a few laws today (perhaps unwise to post about this on the internets? FUCK YOU). I needed to get a medical exam for Princeton because they don't want any entering graduate students to be impotent or infected with ebola ("drop your trousers, please" in a thick German accent). My doctor decided not to speak English, so I filled out the form for her and she just signed it without asking questions. However, I lied all over the form. I wrote that I got all the required vaccinations although I in fact skipped out on at least one of them. The doctor then proceeded to go off on a spontaneous rant about US foreign/social policy, as Europeans are want to do. I compliantly nodded my head a few times and the meeting was promptly adjourned.

It comes down to the fact that it would cost mony to get that vaccination and money is a rare quantity these days. Plus, I'm assuming that every other entering graduate student actually respects the law, hence they will be vaccinated, hence I won't be at risk from the infectious diseases that they would potentially have if they were free-riding assholes like me. And, according to my calculations, the chance of me being infected with meningitis is about 0.0000125. In any case, if I do somehow get in trouble for this, I can always employ the time-honored policy of deny, deny, deny.


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you're right sammy...if only i had been in a foreign country, maybe i wouldn't be $233 in debt to a health clinic in buttfuck oregon for a measles shot. or was it mumps? whatever. my course of action is to ignore the bills they keep sending me.

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