Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hong Kong: more than just an empty battle cry?

today i ate a hamburger and called my mom. i also watched roseanne on tv. i could do this forever.


i also heard 'thinking about you' by radiohead, and i was reminded of how fanatically obsessed i was with that song years ago. and where am i now, all these years later? wearing white t-shirts and standing mute, fighting back the nausea. lying down at the first signs of emotional disarray. wait, lying down? i meant falling down. or no, i meant reveling in inaction. revelling? i think one 'l' is right. anything to take the focus off of my lack of focus.

a friend of my sister's was on a tv show called 'queer eye for the straight guy' yesterday; he was the guy they made over and all. we watched it at his apartment, which had also been redecorated by the tv show people. it was funny, if a bit unsettling and absurd. the show tends to be a bit, ah, mean. which, as we all know, sucks.

i've always been a bit wary of bars of soap. so primitive. and slimy.

as this is rapidly devolving, i'm going to lie down, with my eyes wide the fuck open, and let my mind flit around for a while. i mean, sleep. yeah, sleep.


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