Tuesday, August 29, 2006

all the fun people

so i have a job these days, as a temp at adidas. they apparently have a big headquarters in north portland, 50min away by bike. today was my second day. 8am-5pm, watching security camera footage from their retail stores and counting the number of people that walk through the door. it's really pretty cool; i get to study random weirdos who don't know they're being studied. today i did atlanta and berkeley. yesterday: san diego and chicago. and there's a blessed 7-eleven RIGHT DOWN THE ROAD, where i got some twinkies and a danish today. fantastic. it's only supposed to last for two weeks, though, which has its pros and cons.

i got some black airwalks. slip-ons. and some black 'rustler' jeans from wal-mart. ready for the night.

i'm gonna go now. eat some food. it would appear that biking a lot makes one want to consume mass quantities.

and also: this simplicity is saving me.


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