Monday, August 07, 2006

holy wow

the upstairs of the Center is completely empty. the garage is 98% empty. the downstairs fuckers are going to move out tomorrow. and then it will all be over. E and i moved this weekend; we made the obligatory u-haul visits to the reed dumpsters and value village. our new house is radical. and full. one step at a time: this morning i arranged the kitchen, stashed everything away. next comes the living room, then the patio. right now, i am at reed, in the ircs, using a newly-minted alumni account. there is no internet at the new house right now. but it's only a few minutes from here. i feel dangerously close to being a real person. nice new house, school on the horizon, Plans. god.

it's nice being here, in the ircs. so clean and calm. reliable. makes me feel holy.

this is uncharted territory.


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Blogger Sammy said...

The devil take your eyes.

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