Tuesday, October 24, 2006


There's this enchanting creature, see, swimming in the water below. It's really beconing to me, this is epic. I could be the hero in this story. But the quarry walls are high, and I don't think I could climb down, let alone up, and I REALLY don't wanna jump.

I think if I had more time, I'd order more colored wire and make a fancy hat to go with the rest. But as is, I think I'll have to settle for some yellow wire on my chest piece.

I want to grind on some murlocs, maybe score some bracers I can disenchant.

I think the antibody sythesis will work quite smoothly. The experiments are all forming on the page nicely. Gotta keep goin.

I pwn 4ll u n00bzorz. F34r my l33t skillz. All your base are belong to ME. /gquit stat or be fraaagged.


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