Saturday, November 25, 2006

Picking Lint

Made it back from Anchorage totally unfrozen. There was a moment when I thought that we might get a bit of frostbite when we ran out of gas! Luckily jessica has friends to call and she brought us a bit of gas. Yay, thanksgiving adventures. Jessica and i ate way too much pumpkin pie and it was deleriously fun. Jessica is like a real doctor and shit, f-in-a I saw her, no, heard her save a life the other day. Ok, well, maybe not, but in surgery she got to (lucky lucky) help a surgeon clean out feces from an abdominal cavity. They found a whole blueberry! I got an awesome video called 8 minute abs. It is sweet. My abs hurt and I am on my way to becoming the lady in the video in the leotard. ah yah, watch out richard simmons, january scott is the next exercise guru. What is a guru anyways? Anyways, I am here for christmas, wish me luck with Jonathan's families' multiple celebratory events, which I am sure will be all well and good, just tiring. ALso, they want to hire me on full time. Workin' with the mentally ill 40 hours a week will do wonders for me. No, i'm serious. not joking....whatevah. Peace foos!


Blogger Jesse said...

has it been eight minutes yet?

10:57 AM  

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