Friday, May 04, 2007


From the internetz:
another time was at arby's. This poor bastard must have spent a fortune on this food. he had the gigantic roast beef sandwich, large cheddar fries, large drink, and 2 apple turnovers. of course its on one tray. he walks over to the condiment station and, instead of putting the tray down, he hold it with one hand. His drink tips so he over-corrects, and ends up slinging the drink into 2 people standing beside him. Embarassed he slips on the ice and launches the rest of the food into the air. It hits the ground and made much louder sound that one would have thought. He just took off running out of arby's at high speed.


Blogger Jesse said...

high speed escape is the best thing ever, let me tell you.

i feel so very high school right now. 311 on the radio, saturday, cookies for breakfast. i want to ride around and use vending machines, think about girls and wear cool clothes. lament lives lost, or something.

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