Monday, April 23, 2007

straight up, bitch

that's me. i'm going straight up. and telling you about it makes me a bitch.

all i need to finish my research proposal for the national park service is a couple measurements from this guy in my lab. i finally bought the goddamned tickets to sasquatch. i ran AND lifted weights yesterday. everything is in order for the guest lecturer tomorrow. last week, i was told i was awarded a grant to fund a research assistant for the summer. it's money i don't really need, but it's something to put on the c.v. i have a place to live i'm moving into this weekend that is a 10 min. walk from my building (that houses my office).

things are fucking kick-ass.

sure, i need to practice the 1.5 hour lecture i'm giving on thursday on biodiversity and put the lab lecture together for the week. but fuck it.

it's a sunny day and i'm going outside.


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