Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Kidz

i just read this on an oregonian sports blog (don't look at me!). i'd subscribe if they let this guy have a column in the place of that johnson who writes about teevee in the living section.

"Stuck in Minneapolis. Stranded on the way to Cleveland. About every 15 minutes, the flight's delayed another 45.

Televisions eveywhere, Paris Hilton abounds. On Paula Zahn. On Larry King. Lots of suits worried about The Kids. That heel who defended that guy who murdered his wife and tossed in the bay off Oakland, he's arguing for Hilton. It just keeps coming at us. Stuck here. Waiting. Praying the remote control fairy will come and change the channel.

I'm not a violent man. I don't believe in capital punishment.

I want to punch Larry King. I think Paris Hilton should be executed.

I think Sarah Silverman should have Larry King's job. By any means necessary.

I think this doesn't speak a word of our criminal justice system, no matter what that guy in the suit just said. I think suggesting this says something about our criminal justice system is like saying a fart is the extent of the human body's potential.

I don't care about The Kids. I think if your kid idolizes Paris Hilton, you've got bigger problems.

I want to go to Cleveland.

I never thought I'd type that last sentence."


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