Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I love biting off more than I can chew, to have more than i can finish, to have to wake up and go until it only takes me minutes in order to fall asleep. Being bombarded by innane questions, to have a smiling face around every corner or even a crying one. I can be alone, but I really love to be around people. I loved growing up in a small house, loved visiting a friend in shishmaref and living in a small area with 5-7 people. I love light at all hours of the night and mosquitos so big and mean they bite through sweaters and buzz so loud they wake you up at night. I like life. It is great, huge, normal, funny, no, hilarious. Something funny in almost every situation. A student was forced (by us) to go on a very tough 9 mile hike and she laughed--at overcoming her fear of horseflies--by smashing one on her forehead. Glorious. madness in the method, emotion around every corner, smiles upon waking. I live to live more.


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I'm jelous

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