Wednesday, May 30, 2007

You Think?

Maybe I should get in the car and go. Why don't I bike anymore? My backpack is too full of shit to make myself think I know have knowledge. I can teach a newbie. I like that. Why do I play video games? Or spend so much time fucking off online? I have too many vices, but why do I do anything else? Exercise is theraputic, but running alone is boring, sorry Liz. My friends are too safe. Too close to family. Where is the danger besides what I create by fucking up? I'm getting too coherent now, I'm straying from the truth. I really do care about the issues, but strong opinions seem to do the opposite of what they intend.





There might be something to cellebrate in a short while. I should pay my bills. I'm very on top of my chores. Except a few. What about those projects? Why is there nothing on the front burner? To much of a good thing. Maybe not. I think I'm more typical than I think. Except, not. I have a mullet again, but I want to shave my head. Its not funny, I'm too old for funny hair. But no, I'm not to old, people my age are too old to let themselves be drawn in to such pedestrian humor. I've always been a big fan of campy humor. Veggie Tails cracks me up, but I don't really know what it is. What was I saying?


Blogger Ryland said...

that was a rad balls of a post, having everything - funny hair, front burner - everything.

w're all the same person. in a (mostly) good way.

(that was a typo when i wrote w're, but i think i crash landed on a better spelling, so i'm moving in.)

6:29 PM  

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