Friday, August 10, 2007

flawed is your friend

awake early, listening to noisy old trail of dead, loud. mouth tastes like death and cigarettes, room needs cleaning for serious. leaving town tomorrow fucking night, go east '07. nothing ever changes, which is pretty funny and reassuring. i need to get out of the house ride the bike do shit go somewhere today. ride fast, get wet, be free. bang bang bang start over, remember the reason. i was scared that my bike was effed due to a weird noise last night, but then i realized it was my wallet chain hitting the underbelly of the seat. HA. so i went faster and breathed easier. hello, kitty.

y'all are my goddamn solid gold rocks. when i say i am in love with no one, i mean besides you.

i always miss something. i guess that makes me carry on. or something. i like funny and loud and absurd. friday!



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