Friday, August 03, 2007

i will copy you until i feel something.

of course. black/pink boy/girl self/hate pretty/tough. it's almost impossible to imagine, you know? i'm treading very carefully, waiting for the other shoe to drop, bracing for the inevitable blows. i've steeled myself with this vacant sneer; just try and touch me. [please.] disagree with my blurry eyes and weak wrists. [please.] right. stop being that.

i don't know how to do anything.

hands off, rely on plain phrases and dull glances. i get sick from being hopeful. but it's okay; i relish unbalanced queasiness. keeps me ALERT.

and make a noise.


Blogger l said...

i finally watched fear and loathing in las vegas last weekend.

everyone who has lived at the center could have played johnny depp's character.

other than the extravagant drug use. fortunately, any one of us could have been totally lucid and had the same experiences.

10:32 AM  

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