Friday, September 28, 2007


Sometimes you're on, but sometimes you're off. How does THAT work? I mean, I don't feel very on top of things, how do I get up there? Sometimes I'm up there...

Well JESSE, since you SMOKE now, tell me, does SMOKING help you get up there? Because my corporeal self would have me believe that it (tobacco) does, but my, um, software, er, logic, um, thoughts... whatever, they think... I think... ehem. I think that's not the case. Well, it could be true in special cases, but not generally. Like, sometimes when you crash your car its better to not be wearing a seatbelt...


Blogger Jesse said...

smoking is generally an awesome enterprise. the primary attraction for me is that it's SOMETHING TO DO, which is huge. and once you get addicted, then you calm way the fuck down with a cigarette when things get tense. and they can make you kinda jittery, which is always kinda rad. as far as getting you UP, i recommend good old rednecktar (dew). it's motherfucking ALWAYS the right thing.

(i sound like a plaid pantry junkie. white trash drugs, poor man's dope. wait till i start in on the benefits of building rapport with the checkers...)

3:06 PM  
Blogger Jonny said...

Oh I'm doin the Dew, don't you worry. Just, well, abstaining from the more frowned upon vices. Because, um, I'm working on other looks besides minimart? I'm still cool, I swear.

7:37 PM  

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