Friday, September 21, 2007

omg time again

Busy week. I start teaching next week, so was prepping all week. Learning the ins-n-outs. Sitting bored through lectures on why you shouldn't lecture too much or your students will get bored. Lots of time & energy & waking up before noon, but I'm feeling pretty confident about the first day now. Wrote the syllabus last night while drunk. Proofread it carefully this morning, then gave it to my faculty advisor. He pointed out that my office number was off by two digits. 236 instead of 356. I wonder how that might have happened?

My roommate is in the act of leaving. He's literally carrying things out of the apartment. Which is great, since my new roommate moves in this weekend. EXCEPT ...!!!... she calls me yesterday afternoon, one fucking day before she's supposed to move in, and tells me she's decided to live somewhere else. What the fucking fuck?! So, instead of spending the weekend resting and planning for school, I've got to deal with craigslist n'er-do-wells.

But on the bright side, I just got responses to my craigslist ad from a "January" (no last name given) and a "J e ssie La_ng" (spaces in case she's googling herself, which I assume works). I should find a way to get them both in my 2-bed apartment and start a bizarro-Center.