Friday, February 01, 2008

feel the hate (love for j-wary, though)

i just finished being a hard-ass yesterday to the students in the class i ta. i graded their papers and they were terrible. it actually caused me physical pain to read some of them. and it took up my whole fucking week too. next time, i'll still be a hard-ass but i won't bother telling them every time they fuck up. i need to do my own shit too, you know?

hey, isn't it j-wary's birthday today? happy birthday, if you're reading this. i wish you lots of good birthday cake. or pie. or ice cream. or whatever the fuck you're into. i hope you have lots of it. and it's the best ever.

i have a stop-over in paris for two hours on my way back to seattle from berlin and i just realized i don't have class the day after i'm supposed to get back, the 18th, because it's some dead guy's birthday or some shit. so i'm going to see if i can change my plans and spend the night in motherfucking paris.

my grad school had a little within-school conference and i was runner-up to the best masters talk. i don't have any data yet. so i'm either the most kick-ass speaker ever, or my grad school's mock conference sucks.


Blogger Jonny said...

Dude, yesssss. As usual...

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