Thursday, May 07, 2009

The center of wha-what?

I guess I've been posting to the blog in my head for a bit too long now. Let's see,

Bought a ticket to MD today, assuming to see all you effers and effots there.

I am at a place in life where I no longer need to actively avoid my responsibilities. It's easy enough to hang low and they'll just pass right on by. I haven't graded anything for like 2 weeks, because why would I? And, per Jon's thoughts, I've decided to go the classical route this term and assign grades on the A/B/C/D/Gay scale. (Not gay like homosexual - gay like retarded.)

Anybody seen the documentary "Heavy Metal in Baghdad"? Highly recommended for every last one of yous.

There were some kids on the bus the other day that I figured were Reedies at first glance. So I listen to their conversation and sure enough one of them almost immediately talks about selling old Hum books or something. And I'm all like pff, been there, done that, moved on, big man. Until I realized that I was riding the 75 to my apartment, where I will spend the afternoon avoiding my thesis and screwing around on the internet. Which is entirely different than things were 5(!) years ago. (Bee tee dubs, theses take fucking forever when they don't have due dates.)

What now?

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Blogger l said...

right now i am ostensibly "working" at home on my thesis because i'm sick, so i shouldn't go into work and infect everyone else. this is what patrick recommended this morning when i woke up snorting boogers and barely able to speak.

i took very little convincing.

especially since i knew something he didn't: my adviser wasn't coming in today, so i wasn't going to get work done anyway.

this is the most i've written all day.

7:53 AM  
Blogger Jonny said...

fuck yes, ry post
paul and i watched "spellbound" because we were looking for a documentary. it sucked. we will see heavy metal in baghdad and it will not suck and fuck ya ry post

10:17 AM  

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