Tuesday, October 19, 2010

and this


Blogger Jesse said...

just listened to this. that's one of the closest approximations to how i envisioned EFK sounding. fuck it, maybe we should become a tocotronic cover band.

but really, that's some quality goddam music.

unrelated: eye doctor appointment today to try on the contacts/glasses combo. i had like a week and a half to practice installing and removing the contacts at home before my new glasses were ready, but of course i didn't do shit until last night, when i frantically poked myself in the eye repeatedly. now i have to waltz in there and do it in front of them like it's nothing. i fucking HATE going to medical-related places. even if i'm not sick or injured, i just get weird. but for some reason they get all militant about contacts and make you have six million appointments before they give you a goddam prescription.


(is this what i do now? complain about the eye doctor and shit? i guess it's kind of nice to not really have anything important to complain about.)

7:16 AM  
Blogger l said...

one of my co-workers gets all orgasmic about tocotronic and insisted that i would LOVE them since i'm from the PNW. at first i was all yeah, yeah whatever and then i was like FUCK. YES. THIS IS AMAZING.

contacts scare the shit out of me. (and i mean all of the possible meanings that sentence could convey.) i'm half-assedly trying to arrange another face surgery to fix my eye and make my face look more like it used to, but the whole business scares the ever-loving shit out of me so i just keep putting it off.

something clever,

9:48 AM  
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