Monday, June 19, 2006

my kid sold your honor student the answers to all the tests.

i didn't really sleep last night. i just sort of tossed around. i left the light on, too, which may have contributed to the situation. it was like 110 degrees today. that's really quite uncomfortable. watched my sister play some online poker, had some fast food, saw some more stand-up comedians. had some disgusting strawberry creme twinkies. read a bunch of a book by augusten burroughs, who is a kind of genius. right now i'm listening to 'little rock' by collin raye on repeat. a country song from the day. better music has never graced my ears. my claustrophobia is swelling, thanks to the hamster (my roommate) crawling around in his little tubes. 'i'm sorry i cried when i talked to you last night.' i want to have this song's babies.


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