Friday, September 29, 2006

bottom of this

alright, so i'm writing this mostly to see if it gets posted twice. i feel like a parent telling a kid that it's going to hurt me more than them before a spanking. school has started and i had a lab meeting today and i only take one class a day but the days fill with all this other shit. in grad school, it's not the classes, it's the meetings. seminars, etc. all this extracurricular shit they don't tell you about until NOW and suddenly you're totally booked.

tonight i've got half a subway sandwich and a bottle of wine for dinner.

this is where my ship has run aground
stuck on the mud in the puget sound
i'm lonely still


Blogger Jesse said...

i fell into puget sound when i was 10 years old. it made me what i am today (alone).

3:00 PM  

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