Saturday, October 28, 2006

I love alcohal and has never had a boyfriend.

this i-net makes people gush. i don't know what i love. i mean, besides arab strap. and tetris.


these little bodies we walk around with. a weird idea.

ugly metallic taste in my mouth.

sound prolific, sound assured. cut to the core of the emotion with as few words as possible. the least amount of grammatical bally-hoo. NO CAN DO.

why aren't we fucking sleepwalkkkking? why do we kkkkeep wakkkking up?

look around for some more protection, another blanket, another jacket, shroud yourself. swallow your urges, be appropriate. don't choke, don't choke, don't choke, relax. hold steady, eyes forward[DOWN], words in strict order, arms extended. hold each other, a long and cold night ahead. this is what we have and this is what we hold dear, this consumption, this reassurance. don't be so easy. don't be so easy. take some for later. HERALD me.

"we hope your rules and wisdom choke you"

alabama was then, hunger is now. isn't this just DARLING?


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