Thursday, October 12, 2006

since we do this twice

i want a cell phone now. really bad. and i want a second pair of army pants to ensure their constant availability. and i want more more more v-necks. when i find something i like, i stuff myself with as much as i can grab. pudding, dogs, v-necks, anything. the family curse. better than cocaine, i suppose. it may be cheesy, but one of my teachers was talking about human nature and the question of are we good or bad, and he seems to think that we're bad (ornery, self-serving) yet made to be good by society (necessity of harmony, legal system, general watchfulness). i reckon that sounds sort of valid. if a bit cynical. sew buttons.

all this clicking and chatter, and i remain silent. meaningful communication initiation is my downfall.

y'all need to see the movie 'slackers' starring jason schwartzman so we can laugh as a group. heartily, and with abandon.

'i am a rock, i am an island...' i have a pretty strong STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME inclination, i think. speaking of which, that's my latest reason NOT to get out of bed in the morning: why am i like this? for one of my classes, i have to go to four counseling sessions with a real, paid therapist and talk about my 'issues.' i have yet to begin (SLACKER), but when i do, hopefully i'll find out the root of all this bulljazz and how to reverse it. i'll let you all know how THAT goes. since everyone's absolutely dying to hear about me me me. of course.

no one types with The Method anymore. ROCK ON, YOUNG AMERICA, ROCK ON. SORT OF A 'FUCK YOU' TO THE OLD MAN, I GUESS.

okay then. much love.

-jesse 'indigestion' long


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