Monday, December 25, 2006

jesus' blood tastes eerily similar to dessert wine

though all the dessert wines i've ever had have been white.

i actually went to the 11 pm service today (i guess yesterday now) at this lutheran church with my dad. it's the first time i've been to church in a good solid 7 years but i still remembered everything; the apostle's creed and the lord's prayer--confirmation classes aparently actually work. at least for rote memorization. i found myself generally pissed off about the sermon though. i treated it like a hum 110 lecture and found it greatly lacking. for one thing, the assigned reading (the bible verses read during the service) had absolutely no relevance to the lecture (sermon) topic; the readings were never even mentioned. why the fuck did we read that shit if the pastor isn't going to even mention it? the sermon also lacked a strong thesis to drive the focus and the content was poor as well. i have a hard time giving up responsibility in my life to some father-figure deity. which was the general thrust of the sermon. obey, obey, obey and trust blindly that things are going to work out because some god is looking after you.

but i guess that's why the people at the church are so into it.

no responsibility, just obedience.


Blogger Jesse said...

things WILL work out. because they always do. whatever happens happens. let go and let god. you're letting your mind be clouded by darkness, impudence, and freedom. faith and reasoning don't mix. jesus is lord. god fuck america. jesus tittie fuck and the monster god cock. praise be the glory! fellowship is the way. honor his spirit. smile like you mean it. the boy that you loved is the man that you fear. clean and serene. smoke money. claim nothing. keep your car. push to open. sex can wait; masturbate! give yourself to god. make your insecurities a joke. take off your pants. wrap yourself. christ is king. don't speak. wait for me.

1:44 PM  
Blogger Jonny said...

I tried aproaching sermons like hum lectures, and ya, they completely lack rigor in my experience too.

What Jesse said.

11:24 AM  

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