Thursday, April 12, 2007


Does anyone read this any more? Hey liz, Sup. Grad school. Yeah. Grad school. I should be starting a prelim. Yeah. Should.

This man has things figured out:


Blogger Jesse said...

i read the fuck out of this thing. except i can't make posts at home, and i've been spending very little excess time at school these days, which means fewer fuck-around computer lab sessions.

hawaii is the future. fuck this rain important obligations taxes assignments communication dollar bill jazz. drive a gto, wear a uniform, sneer. little white shirts and iggy pop.

5:50 PM  
Blogger l said...

yeah, so i had my first lab meeting since january and my advisor was pissed off at me. not doing enough shit on my project. not doing enough ta work (cha, right). mildly drunk right now after the department seminar and beer.

mmmm, beer.

i'm looking at an apartment tomorrow that is occupied by a woman who now plays rugby with jenny lessner. crazy.

i should write more on my thesis proposal, but i'm going to go home and eat some food.

the therapist says drinking alcohol does not solve my anxiety and will only lead to badness. but fuck that because it makes me fall asleep and sooner or later every boyfriend gets fed up with being called every night at 2 am. and then there's no boyfriend to call and i have to face 2 am all alone.

will smith is always there for me.

7:44 PM  

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