Wednesday, March 21, 2007


i fell off the horse i was training this weekend (see above). it wasn't that bad, but i jacked my ankle on the way down so i can't run for a few days. i went swimming today, but it's just not the same. rather than coming back from my workout glowing with refreshed skin, i came out with scaly, dry, smelly skin. it smells like a combination of chlorine and "love spell" body lotion. which is funny, because that's exactly what my skin came into contact with.

i have this vague bad feeling in my head. not exactly a headache, but it's not good. it makes me want to sleep and sleep and sleep.

i have to come into school tomorrow at 8:30. in the MORNING. now, you might ask, why the fuck would i have to go into school at 8:30 during spring break? well, i was a dipshit and volunteered to meet with my advisor tomorrow before he leaves for amsterdam or some shit. he said we could just email, but no, i thought it would be best to meet with him in person. it is true i've seen him for exactly 15 minutes in the past month and it is also true i'm giving the first lecture of his class next week, which is why i thought i should maybe, you know, spend some time conversing with him while in the same room. but i'm regretting it more and more the more i think about waking up at 7:10 to get here at 8:30.

some people ride horses for a LIVING. that is what they do. someone remind me why i am not one of those people?

on the plus side, america's next top model is on tonight. so i have something to look forward to.

i ended a bunch of my sentances with prepositions, but the feeling in my head is preventing me from dealing with them. just ignore them. please.


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