Monday, July 23, 2007


damn, the day lasts a motherfucking long time when you show up at 9 am.

working on this part (lab, writing, etc) of my thesis might be fun though. or at least more entertaining than the last year (reading the literature, writing my proposal, re-writing my proposal, re-writing my proposal again for the park service).

some of you other motherfuckers better step up or this is going to turn into a blog between jonny and me bitching about labwork and writing shit.

i left portland so early on sunday, i should've been at sea-tac an hour before patrick's flight got in, but there was a HUGE motherfucking 3-4 mile traffic jam just north of tacoma (apparently some maniac killed himself and crossed over into oncoming traffic). it was stop and go and i was doing great finding the sweet spot in the clutch to hold the car, but because i have to reach so far forward to put the clutch in, my leg got tired after a while and i killed it three times in a row. the jackass in a jeep behind me yelled at me to learn how to drive a stick. i guess he knew how to drive a stick perfectly the first time he tried and never, ever killed a car after sitting for over an hour in 2 mph traffic. he was apparently also too stupid to realize I WAS LEARNING HOW TO DRIVE A STICK, that's why i kept killing it. i felt better after i passed the motherfucker. when patrick got in, i made him drive, 13 hour flight from amsterdam be damned.

patrick was near frankfurt by the time i found out where one would procure a "fuck" wristband in germany (apparently in munich, according to jonny). so i got some marzipan instead. now marzipan is good, especially german marzipan covered in chocolate, but it is an "edible gift." and while edible gifts are always welcome (in fact, i encourage them), they should be accompanied by a more permanent gift. because i turn into a crow when i'm dating, i find sparkly gifts to be the most satisfying (take note, i am not the only girl this happens to) (the best part about sparkly gifts--when you're the person buying the gift--is that you don't even need an extra suitcase to bring them back).

oh well, marzipan it is.


Blogger Jesse said...

'marzipan' sounds like a dance instructor in a young adult novel. 'dating' sounds like a sweet valley high term. 'i' sound like an asshole; pay this no mind.

9:03 PM  
Blogger Jonny said...

GTFO Jesse, this is me and Liz's blog.

I'm doing that re-write thing now. Sux.

A guy in a Jeep can yell at you in 2mph traffic, cuz he can keep up. Jeeps don't seem to like going 70 too well.

10:03 AM  

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