Monday, July 02, 2007

some cum on my shirt

i leave for the field early tomorrow morning. i'll come back for the weekends, but otherwise, the month of july will be spent on the olympic peninsula. i'm not sure how my field assistant is going to work. he's doing his own project for a sort of half-assed senior thesis-type thing, but today is the first day i actually get to go over his methods with him. i'm not sure if he has any of his gear together or knows how to use it. and i honestly don't care all that much. his project is adding weeks to my field season and i'm not particularly excited about it.

i looked at apartments all weekend and it was very tiring. it's not even for me. i'm either a masochist or a very nice girlfriend, it remains to be seen which is a more accurate description.

i have shit to do to get ready for tomorrow, so i'm searching for something meaningful to say here to avoid that.

i bought a pair of jeans and a dress at the gap today for $27. that's unbelievable.

i also just got a letter today telling me i've been reported to a collection agency because i didn't pay this bill to uw physicians. i've called uw physicians several times (all extrememly painful) to set up payment plans to make sure this wouldn't happen, but apparently nothing is cross-linked in their systems and they are a bunch of dumbfucks, so now my credit is even more bad.

it doesn't help that i move a lot so bills haven't really found their way to me in a very timely manner.

but i'm wearing my new pants and a pink shirt, so fuck 'em.


Blogger Jesse said...

i called in sick to work today (at like 1am). stayed up until almost 5am, grilled hotdogs wrapped in bacon on the balcony of ryland's apartment. listening to the radio, avoiding investigating the daylight out there.

'fag life' on my overly-sensitive stomach; shirts are for squares today.

(unless they're pink.)

2:59 PM  
Blogger Jonny said...

Wait, more field time is bad? I thought being outside sounded good. Shows what I know.

I have some tax overdue fine thing that found its way to me late, went to my old address first. I should deal with that.

Looking at apartments would be a pain. You have a boyfriend?

1:40 PM  

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