Monday, July 30, 2007


riding the bus to and from the downtown seattle was a little more of an experience than usual. at a stop on pine, this old white man with a wrapped hand gets on the bus and flips off a black man still outside. after a brief exchange of insults, the white man notifies the bus driver "that man out there just pulled a knife on me a couple of minutes ago." the driver closed the door, but i was struck by the complete nonchalance in which the man said this. and by the fact that he was moving towards the door as he said this, and in a provocative manner. needless to say, if someone pulled a fucking knife on me, i would not have hung out at the bus stop with them for a few minutes and would definitely refrain from further provoking them. conclusion: i doubt the knife story.

either that, or the man on the bus was totally off his rocker.

which is also entirely possible

riding back was delightful, thanks to the colorful commentary provided by a couple of teenagers in the back who talked of nothing but "sucking cock, sucking dick, getting fucked in the ass" etc. this went on for some time until an older woman glared at them and reminded them that there were small children on the bus. the small child seated near me seemed to be blissfully unaware (c'mon, i hope to god "sucking cock" has no more meaning to a 2 year old than "sucking cow" does), but i was glad they shut the fuck up. we know i have nothing against cussing, but those little fuckers were YELLING this shit and i believe everyone should be as quiet as possible (and stare vacantly out the window) while utilizing public transport.

in other news, i'm fighting a stong case of apathy towards work and trying to work up some motivation to do some lab chores. not even honest-to-god lab work, but just cleaning-up shit i need to do to so i can do the real lab work.


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*stares vacantly out the window*

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