Monday, March 10, 2008

it rains

same old, same old. writing a paper and wishing it would just be done already. i know it will be, but it hurts so bad now. and there's no new kitties on i can has cheezburger, which has quickly become my sanctuary in this deadline-driven world.

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after i finish my paper, i have to finish grading papers from the class i ta. life is not fair.

i still haven't decided if i'm going to germany or not. pros: no paper grading. good chocolate. cons: no honda accords or thanksgiving. though i hear rugby is finally taking hold, thanks to a dedicated bunch of british ex-pats. finished reading my first book in german (120 pg comic book) and will start reading my first journal articles in german as soon as i get them from ILL. that will be an experience. patrick says "what's wrong with those people, they should be publishing in englisch!" ja, but they don't and i need to read them, so what choice do i have?


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