Sunday, March 16, 2008

life in a taxi

awake awake awake. north portland warehouse, dim memories, beaverton condo, even dimmer. downtown sunrise, hawthorne morning. daylight bedroom, bright eyes to calm me down. sharpie on my arm from someone who isn't me, bracelet from someone else, freshly broken heart from the travails of yet another stranger. some sort of travelogue? would that be easier than this? illicit, endless, ecstatic, crushing points on a map? cyndi lauper and marilyn manson, chai tea and code red, pills and liquor. fruitful pairings and lasting tastes. i linger on something to shock you, anything to steal your glance. do me a solid. watch this collapse as if it's for you. it's not; it's for someone who was never there. someone who doesn't even live in photographs. none of this can scare me or soothe me. i can only be strengthened through further decay and avoidance. you are reading what i want you to hate. keep it.


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Blogger Jonny said...

^^^ o.O



Dude yesss.

Also, cursive tix are about $250 right now, how much u got?

4:27 PM  
Blogger Jesse said...

why the fuck are they $250?? them's former-beatle prices...

you know how sometimes it's awesome to feel like shit? that's now. really loud le tigre, rattling the house, raining, one working bike, start of another week. set my jaw and ram it home. some sort of new-found confidence this weekend. survivalism. let everything lose its importance and you're left only with a string of events, blown red lights, wet shoes, damaged hearing. nothing lasts longer than it needs to, and nothing throws you. HA.

6:13 PM  

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