Sunday, June 08, 2008

what if words were hours?

recovering from an immobile led zep kate nash soda tetris weekend. want it to be daylight, want to be surrounded by people, want to wear sunglasses, want to stop falling apart. need to go somewhere. maybe i'll look into tickets to the desert. finally get marked, get clean, get reminded. candy and cigarettes. maybe i'll mail a book, write on an envelope, play the tireless game. put my best fake foot forward.

i don't even know who you are, but i wish you the best. knock 'em dead, square your shoulders, shrug it off. i'd give you anything if it meant something. i'd stop hiding behind symbols and allusions to emotions. i wish i could have even just a little bit of your feel. just enough to know what i'm missing, enough to show me what i need to develop. watch your mail, yo. you may be a winner.

i'm making myself happy this week. switching gears, shifting my gaze forward, walking straight.

i'm much more alive in my head than in my shoes. keep telling myself i'm just waiting for a reason, but i tend to lie. and i'm easily fooled. maybe i'll write the future.


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