Monday, January 05, 2009


I don't have anything to say her but I wanted to put this title on the blog so there it is. Maybe I could give some context for what I mean- I mean like when we said "we're not gonna get old and stupid" and well, it's kindof impossible not to, but you can avoid the stupid maybe? well the stupid part that is REGRET
this post got dumb i shoulda left it at the start. maybe just don't read these words and they will make it look like there is some kind of post down here that is saying something about no regrets and that is good enough- something, something about no regret. I regret your posting :burn:


Blogger Jonny said...

ok i think my point with all them lame words was

regrets are regretable, whatever, but it gets STUPID STUPID when you start telling people "hey you should look out oh shit look out fuck, I got fucked by this so I'm scared and you should be too, ahh gahahadddd."

2:18 PM  

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