Thursday, May 07, 2009

eating hilarity

so between this and ryland's new photos on facebook, i am feeling utterly homesick for both portland and my youth. is this what happens, we go our separate ways to become asshole money-makers, to occaissionally reconvene on our old stomping grounds maybe 20 years from now to remember the good old days?

would i be so in love with who i was and where i lived if i wasn't half-way around the world now? i'm still putting off all the things i should be responsible for--i still need to deal with the insurance over my "incident" from january, but now when i go to the grocery store, i buy mostly fruits and vegetables. how did this happen? how did i get here?

this is not the post i was originally planning.

it has been months since i dressed up in a silly costume for pure self-amusement.


Blogger Jesse said...

i've been buying bananas at fred meyer. what the FUCK is that? but i still buy meat sticks and dew from the plaid, dammit.

'asshole moneymakers.' i like that.

wear weird clothes gradually until that's all you feel like wearing anymore. fuck boring in the ass.

[this isn't the comment i wanted to write.]

8:27 AM  

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